Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on Wednesday 28th November 2018

Present: Angus McDonald

Chris Bruce

Sheila Ainslie

Ian Christison

John McGregor

Lynn Harris

Apologies: Joyce Usher

1.   Following the OCA Annual General Meeting held earlier this evening a new committee had been formed, comprising the above 7 people.

2.  Appointment of Office Bearers

Office Bearers were appointed as follows:

Chair - Angus McDonald

Secretary - Lynn Harris

Treasurer - tba, committee felt it was appropriate to consider reaching out within  the community to seek someone with book-keeping financial experience to fill this position. Further discussions to take place at the next Committee meeting. Chris advised the Committee that he was currently Chair of the Lammermuir Community Council, and therefore did not feel it appropriate to hold office within OCA. Chris is also one of the two representatives from OCA on the LCC.

3.  Resignations

As it had been a very emotionally charged AGM, with unexpected consequences, Sheila  advised that she did not feel she could be part of the committee. The Committee reluctantly accepted her decision.

4.   Hall Working Group

Angus advised that he was also on the above group, which is charged with taking forward

plans for the proposed new hall. The Committee discussed this and felt it was entirely appropriate that one member of the OCA committee should also sit on the HWG, and that in fact the Chair was the ideal member.

5.  Documents/Transition

Angus advised that he would send an email to the relevant members of the previous committee, requesting all OCA paperwork and information be transferred and made available to the new committee as soon as possible. Lynn provided her email address for this process to take place.

6.  Next Committee Meeting

Secretary Lynn will send out proposed dates for the first meeting of the new Committee in due course, likely to be in early-mid January 2019.

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