Canongate Boys’ Club Memorial, Skateraw

On the headland at Skateraw Harbour is a stone cairn topped with a wooden cross which is a memorial to the six members of the St Giles’ (Canongate) Boys’ Club who used to camp at Skateraw but lost their lives during the Second World War.

The memorial was re-erected in 1980 and it was dedicated by the Very Reverend Dr. Ronald Selby Wright, the Founder Warden of the Club.

The inscription on the slightly faded stone tablet reads

1939-1945 To the Glory of God. 

In memory of David Adams RAF aged 21 

William Brown Lt BY aged 23 

Jack Cooper RAOC aged 22 

Jimmie Dalgleish MM RHA aged 23 

Jim Stewart RAF aged 19 

Jim Stobbie RN aged 19 

Who loved to camp here and gave their lives that others too might love it. 

“When the morning was come Jesus stood on the shore” 

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Photo courtesy of Mike Byers - copyright, with permission

Consultation opens on expanded Jim Clark Rally plans

Scottish Borders Council has launched a public consultation on the proposed expansion of the Jim Clark Rally, including a stage taking in the iconic Scott’s View.

The rally organiser has applied for a Motor Sport Order, and legislation requires the council to consider any potential impacts, both positive and negative, on local communities and businesses before a decision is taken to issue the order or not.

The legislation also requires that the public is consulted about the planning and implementation of the event. In addition to the council’s consultation the organiser will also be communicating directly with community councils and residents along the proposed routes.

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