Dunbar TSB to close

ONLY one bank will be left on Dunbar High Street after TSB confirmed plans to close the town’s branch next year.

The hours at TSB branches in Haddington, North Berwick and Dunbar were cut earlier this year.

And, while Haddington and North Berwick’s TSB branches will remain open, Dunbar’s will close permanently on May 6.

The announcement comes just 18 months after the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) branch on the High Street also closed its doors.

It will leave Bank of Scotland as the only bank remaining in Dunbar.

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Consultation on Control of Dogs (Scotland) Act 2010

The Scottish Government is committed to helping keep communities safe from irresponsible dog owners and their out of control dogs. As such the Scottish Government is undertaking a review of dog control law.  This initial consultation is focused on improving the operational effectiveness of the Control of Dogs (Scotland) Act 2010 to aid enforcement agencies.

Effective and consistent enforcement across Scotland is fundamental in helping address issues relating to out of control dogs.  This review is focused on steps that can be taken to help aid enforcement agencies such as local authorities as they use their powers to help keep communities safe.

Communities are therefore encouraged to consider the questions in this consultation and offer their views to help shape future dog control legislation.

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