Tea by the Sea - Take 2

Tea by the Sea “Take 2”
Another huge thank you to all who supported this event. The rain stayed away and the wind calmed.
A whopping £612 has been raised and Maggie’s Centre, Edinburgh will benefit.
A special thank you to the lady who handed in an envelope with a very generous donation. Thank you soooo much xxx

And…Helping today we had…
Margaret on Cupcake making and serving
Catherine on Sausage Rolls and hot drinks
Pamela on Malteser traybake and serving
Alison on Cupcakes and serving
Susan on shortbread and serving
Judith on “fresh egg” sandwiches, she had to raid the henhouse I believe.
Avril on caramel traybake
Julie on cheese sandwiches
Thank you all who contributed, everything was much admired and praised, a great team. You all deserve a well earned rest.
Rhona Bell Xxxx