Oldhamstocks Community Association

Extra Committee Meeting held in the Hall on 26th April 2018


Welcome: Neil welcomed everyone, and informed the committee that Jacquie Riddell had emailed to say that sadly she feels unable now to commit to being a committee member as she is unable to make meetings. Neil has replied, on behalf of the committee, expressing regret and thanking her for all she has contributed in recent years.

Present: Neil Richerby, Chair, Barbara Richerby, Janice Hanvidge, Nikki Edge, Gordon Simpson, Alex Ainslie, Nathan Simpson, Miriam Mells, Alison Mells, David Legge.

Apologies: Sharon Simpson, Lauryn Simpson, Nathanael Mells, Chris Bruce, John Hanvidge, Kaleena Hanvidge, Isla-May Edge.

Minutes of the previous meeting: approval postponed to next meeting.

Bike parking: following ELC's suggestion that we incorporate some bike parking on the plan for the new hall, we discussed three options put forward by S & B and concluded that we would prefer to position this at the west end of the new play area (i.e. the site of the current hall). Neil will refer this back to Cat.

Correspondence: a letter from Paul Scott to Neil - detailing his concerns about the new hall project, giving some advice and requesting more clarity - had been circulated to the committee prior to the meeting. Due consideration was given, particularly to his suggestion of a way forward in communicating the present position to the community, and this will inform the presentation of the forthcoming newsletter.

Newsletter: we discussed the ingredients for the newsletter about the new hall project – the need to explain 

  • how we have arrrived at the present 
  • the phases of the process
  • the continual consideration and honing of ideas and details
  •  our view of the financial and funding situation
  • how we have tried to address the concerns expressed
  •  our efforts to find the best solution (quality, efficiency, cost-effective measures etc)

and in order to clearly set out the requirements and our proposed way to meet them, a question and answer table format was suggested.

A small group of members volunteered to carry this forward and provide a draft for the committee to consider as soon as possible: Nikki, Alison and David.

Social: Neil thanked everyone involved in the organisation of the Curryoke evening, which had been very enjoyable and had raised £400+ after expenses. In addition to the Tea event in June, there is to be a music event on 21st September, and there is also talk of a bike-ride event.

Next meeting is already fixed for 24th May.

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