1. Present and Apologies
Angus MacDonald, John McGregor, Chris Bruce, Jonathon Ellis, Ian Christison, Lynn Harris
Observers - Danny Dickson, Marie Florence MacDonald 

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting
A discussion took place regarding the Minutes of the previous meeting and various additions
and amendments were approved. Lynn to update to Final version of Minutes and publish.
Minutes to be posted up in Village Hall noticeboard and sent to Gordon Simpson for
publication on the current Oldhamstocks Village websit and on the new OCA Oldhamstocks

3. New OCA website
Lynn advised that the new website had been created - www.oldhamstocks.org.uk - and was
in the process of being populated with stories and information.
A discussion took place around the existing, and recently upgraded, Oldhamstocks Village
website run by Gordon Simpson. It was agreed that we would want to work in tandem with
this website, and in fact, Chris had already had a chat with Gordon who was also keen to see
the 2 sites working together.
It was agreed that Lynn will contact Gordon to discuss further. 

4. Potential Oldhamstocks Investment Fund
John outlined more details of the potential/proposed Investment/Trust Fund which we plan
to put to the community at the EGM.
John has had very positive feedback from Rob Fryer of Aikengall Community Windpower to
the idea of using some of the funds we get from them being invested by the OCA. John also
mentioned that it is highly likely that Blackfinch/Ferneylea and Jamie Adam of Hoprigshiels
would also look favourably on this proposal.
Tom Black of Foundation Scotland has also previously indicated that they would be unlikely to
have any objections to this proposal.
It was agreed that John would work on this proposal further, with a view to making a
presentation to the Community at the EGM. 

5. New Constitution/SCIO
In preparation for our presentation to the Community of a proposed new Constitution and
adoption of a 2-Tier SCIO, Angus suggested that we should update the existing contact/
Information list, finalise a newsletter for distribution and advise the Community of the
forthcoming Extraordinary General Meeting. This will happen as soon as possible over the
next few weeks.

Jonathon has populated the suggested 2-Tier SCIO with details relevant to OCA. It was
agreed that we should use the next Committee meeting to go through both this and the SCIO
in fine detail. 

6. Extraordinary General Meeting
Whilst we had previously discussed having an EGM in May 2019, it was now agreed that this
should be delayed until later in the year, to give the Committee more time to prepare and
distribute all the necessary information to the Community.
It was further agreed that the agenda for EGM would be as follows:
Proposal for new Constitution
Proposal for 2-Tier SCIO
Proposal for Community Trust Fund
Hard copies of the proposed Constitution and SCIO should be hand delivered to all
households ideally 21-28 days in advance of the EGM.
We should also inform the Community that the EGM will be an opportunity for everyone to
vote on the 3 proposals. For anyone unable to attend, we should set up a proxy vote system.
Committee agreed the date for the EGM as Wednesday 21 August 2019, 7.30pm in Village

7. Newsletter
Lynn presented a further draft outline of the newsletter. It was agreed that notice of the EGM
should be prominent on the front cover.
Front Cover - New Committee, EGM Notification, Newsletter
Page 2 - New Website, Updating Community Contact Info, Defibrillator Info
Page 3 - Report from Working Group - already provided by Paula Oliver
Back Cover - Social Calendar/Events, Contact Information for OCA Committee
Lynn to work with Philip at Sustaining Dunbar to finalise layout and copy, ready for committee
approval and printing. 

8. Any Other Business
Approach Jo Zawinski with a view to joining committee.
Dunglass Beach Tidy Up - John proposed that we consider ways in which we could clear up
the rubbish and enhance the picnic area, perhaps organise a community clean up team. To be
further discussed at next meeting.
Defibrillator Box - we have applied to ELCC for the cost of the box and installation.
Play Equipment - Angus to chase up with ELC 

9. Date of Next Meeting
Wed 29 May, 7.30pm in Village Hall
Meeting to finalise SCIO and Constitution

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