Tuesday 11th August- Oldhamstocks Community Association Meeting

Apologies Andrea Davison

Present Jacquie Riddell, John Hanvidge, Chris Bruce, Joanne Legge, Graeme Bairden, Donna Conroy, John Ravenscroft, Steve Findlay, Alec Ainslie, Gordon Simpson, Nathan Simpson, Lauryn Simpson, Angus Macdonald, Marie-Flo Macdonald, Neil Richerby, Dougie McCreath

Notes of Meeting 5th May 2015

Minutes accepted as a true record by Gordon Simpson

Treasurer’s Report

Gordon provided a detailed breakdown of the hall accounts. Current balance stands at £16913.54, £7,940.53 of this being bridge funds.

Gordon let us know that we are eligible for free water rates and that he has successfully applied on the hall’s behalf, therefore we will receive a small rebate.

Gordon has researched electricity fees and has ascertained that Opus is more competitive than our current provider and therefore a new contract will begin on 31.08.15, a two-year fixed contract.

A member of the community has donated £50 towards the new hall (not shown in accounts as yet).

Money has been received from Community Council for water heaters.

Bridge Update

Steve has bill for the fencing. Track has been finished and chipped and the rubbish has been removed. Spare bag of chips still there for future use if required. Chairs are ready to be sited. The path down the hill has become rather overgrown recently, Steve recalled that Jo Paul had offered to strim the path for us. Torness and Lafarge are to be welcomed to an opening and a press release is to be produced. Chris suggested that we might be able to connect our opening with a walk that Spott have organised from Oldhamstocks to Spott, but he was not sure of the date. It was agreed we should hold opening no later than September.

Action: Janice to organise the Lafarge/Torness event. Chris to check date and if we can’t link with Spott to opt for a Friday in September. Janice and Chris to liaise as appropriate.

Verge Update

Chris believes the verge work is imminent. He described the proposed works to those present.

Action; Gordon to email relevant parties to find out dates.

October Curry Night

This has replaced the proposed ball at Thurston. Around Saturday 24th October. Janice has kindly offered to cater. Jacquie to provide tickets and posters. Numbers of around 30/40 are anticipated. Offers of help gratefully received.

Action: Jacquie and Janice to meet and make plans as appropriate. Date to be confirmed.

Sub Group

Jacquie checked that everyone has received the remit that Chris sent out. Alec raised concerns at having a sub -committee rather than just one overall committee. It was reiterated that the remit of the sub-committee was to collect information and then to present information back to all: minutes from the June meeting were re-read for clarification. Chris stated that the decision made in June was that the information that the sub-group collected would be presented back to all interested parties at the AGM in November. The matter of funds for the carrying out of surveys etc was then raised. Some concerns were raised as to how much progress could be made in the period of time up to the AGM. Some more detailed discussion followed regarding funding options. It was agreed that we should use funds from our account as it stands for the survey and then look to recoup these at a later date.

It was discussed and agreed that rather than having a sub-group we should divide the tasks amongst the whole group and then reconvene to discuss findings.  The list was then looked at and irrelevant questions discarded.

Please refer to the questions shown in the Sub-Group remit document.

Question A) Agreed Yes

Question B) Agreed No

Question C) Neil spoke about his understanding that the Church of Scotland are not actively seeking to close rural churches, althoughit is likely that churches will close as clergy retire i.e. natural wastage. Chris asked if we could have something in writing to confirm that the church would not be available as an option. Donna felt that this was not a possibility.

D) It was felt that a structural survey was required to answer this. John/Steve/Gordon

E) As above. John Ravenscroft suggested that we should also find out if refurbishment is a possibility and the costs involved. Neil pointed out that the longevity of any repairs was very important.

F) As above - the timescale of 20-30 years was highlighted as of great importance.

G) Neil and Angus agreed to find out approximate costs of a new hall by contacting other communities and professionals for advice. Alec will ask Abbey St Bathans.

H) Already discussed and agreed we need a survey

I) It was agreed that Eco energy saving measures will form part of any new plans

J) Cannot answer this yet

K) Discussion about whether or not a new site would be at all advantageous. Chris sought agreement that the group felt the hall was in the right place and this was the overriding feeling within the group.

I) No other questions were raised.

Note: Contact with The Scottish Council of Voluntary Organisations: agreed that Chris would do this.


Steve/ Gordon/John to ascertain costs of a full structural survey from architects.

Neil/ Angus and Alec to ascertain costs for a new hall through asking other communities and also seeking information from architects.

Funds to be used from Bridge moniesfor the survey - Janice to be asked to do this once we know the cost of the survey

Chris to seek advice from Scottish Council of Voluntary Organisations

It was agreed that decisions regarding the go-ahead with the survey etc would be addressed by email contact amongst the group rather than another meeting once quotes have been received.


Alec asked for help at the Flower Show this weekend.

Marie-Flo had been contacted regarding First Responders and whether or not we have volunteers in the village. Gordon said that we no longer have a first responder in the village. It was agreed that they will present at the beginning of the Flower Show to seek volunteers.

Chris discussed Broadband options:  - proposals to follow from the windfarms regarding support for this issue.

Date of Next Meeting

It was agreed to meet after the information regarding costs and the survey has been carried out.

Thursday 17th September 7.15pm.

Neil @lammermuirpipeorgans.co.uk

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