Oldhamstocks Community Association

Committee Meeting held in the Hall on 21st February 2018


Present: Neil Richerby, Chair, Barbara Richerby, Janice Hanvidge, John Hanvidge, Sharon Simpson, Gordon Simpson, Lauryn Simpson, Nikki Edge, Isla-May Edge, Alex Ainslie and Alison Mells.

Apologies: Nathanael Mells, Miriam Mells, Jacquie Riddell, David Legge, Chris Bruce, Sam Shanks, Andy Shanks, Nathan Simpson (also John Sanders and Cat O'Neill from S&B, as no report available from ELC).

Minutes of the previous meeting were amended and approved. Those present recommended that in future Minutes should take the form of a brief summary of the discussion, recording key decisions and actions rather than attempt to be a verbatim record of everything said.  It was also agreed that Minutes should only be posted once they have been amended and approved by the Committee.

Treasurer's Report: The current balance is £13,796.69.  Available funds remain pretty stable at around £3,500.

New Hall Project update: None, as the ELC report has not come through yet.

Dogs in the hall: Paul Scott had written requesting that the committee reconsider the decision, made at the January meeting, not to allow dogs in the hall. The decision was discussed and reviewed. The Committee very much welcomes all members of the community to the hall but agreed that the hall policies needed to be brought inline with recommended best practice (including hygiene requirements) as adopted by other similar committees. This discussion also linked to the agreement of revised hall guidance on a number of other issues (see below).  Barbara will reply to Paul.                                                                                                                                            Barbara

Freezer update: the freezer is functioning perfectly. Thanks to John!

Website: The Committee welcomes the 'new look' website and discussed its future potential e.g. we agreed there should be a section for reminiscences, local history etc. Gordon will ask Nathan to move New Village Hall Project content from old website to new website. OCA will fund hosting fees including security certification for the site.                                                          Gordon, Nathan

Plumbing repairs: The Flower Show Committee has requested that the hall toilet facilities are sorted before the 2018 Show. Alex agreed to ask if Peter Ainslie could carry out necessary work to toilets, and also fix leaks in the kitchen, or recommend another plumber. We also noted that a curtain is needed at the window in the Ladies' toilet.                                      Alex

Charitable status update: Gordon had attended a Trustee Training meeting, dealing with the general duties of trustees. Gordon circulated guidance notes from OSCR to Committee members on 30th January.  These should be read in conjunction with the Trustee declaration forms handed out this evening which we are encouraged to sign as a demonstration of good governance practice.  We are still working towards becoming a SCIO, which operates rather like a limited company offering limited liability and legal capacity, meaning that OCA would be seen as a more stable organisation by funding bodies.                                                                                                      All

Social events: Plans agreed for a curry night on 21st April, and a vintage afternoon tea event on the Green (weather permitting) on 17th June. For the tea event, we would use the outdoor tables and chairs donated last year. Table tops to be repainted in May. There was general agreement that the hall needs 'sprucing up'. We agreed to set a date at the next meeting for a committee working party to repaint and redecorate as necessary. Janice Lennon will identify any kitchen requirements. Janice H will wash curtains.                                                                                                Janice, All

Noticeboard: A new board has been ordered.  Isla-May will see to design, layout, photos etc. The board will probably be put in entrance foyer and will look welcoming.                         Isla-May, Nikki


Alex brought some comments from Sheila A on the draft minutes of our last meeting. These were received, discussed and Alex agreed to give Sheila feedback on the discussion.          Alex

Hall users' guidelines have been updated by Janice (including dogs in hall see above). Some wording was amended and added to clarify possible penalties in the case of damage or excessive mess, etc.                                                                                                                   Janice

Next Meeting will be held on Thursday 22nd March at 7.30pm.

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