MINUTES OF OCA COMMITTEE MEETING - Thursday 28th February 2019

1.    Present & Apologies

      Angus MacDonald, John McGregor, Lynn Harris, Chris Bruce, Lysanne Watt, Jonathon Ellis,

      Joyce Usher, Ian Christison,

     Danny Dickson, Alex Ainslie, Paula Oliver, Paul Scott

       Tom Black - Foundation Scotland

2.   Minutes of Previous Meeting

      These were approved by the committee without amendment or comment.

3.   Presentation by Tom Black of Foundation Scotland

       Tom introduced himself to the group and gave some background on the Foresight Kinegar

      Community Benefit Fund which FS administer.

       The Fund has been running since March 2018 and was set up based on £10k per Mwatt. It

      will be split 50/50 between Oldhamstocks and Cockburnspath. Approximately £25k per

      annum will become available for OCA to use for community benefit projects.

       Tom briefly outlined the various ways in which the monies can and cannot be used, as well as

       the various methods of applying for funds, such as Open Grants.

      Foundation Scotland currently take a 12% fee from distributed monies for administration of    

       the Foresight Kinegar Fund. However, there may be scope to reduce this in future years if the

      level of administration re OCA is reduced.

      Tom advised that there was a Toolkit available for Local Communities to help set up grant

      making systems. Tom also advised that FS favoured a 2-tier SCIO format for community groups.

      It was agreed that we should initiate a subcommittee from within OCA, which would work to

      setup funding/investment structures to efficiently manage windfarm monies. This group was

     agreed as Chris, John, Jon and Lynn. This sub-com should meet up with Tom as soon as 

     possible to move forward with this objective.

4.  Presentation from Working Group

      Paul Scott, Paula Oliver and Alex Ainslie from the Working Group attended the meeting to

      give the Committee an update on the work done to date to take the new Village Hall project forward.

      Alex presented a summary of work progressing at Abbey St Bathans. Whilst at a very

     early stage, and with only an outline design in place, the community have agreed a provisional

     budget of c.£350,000 for the project. It is also understood that they plan to use community

     Windfarm benefits they receive from Community Windpower to fund a mortgage.

      Paul advised that the Working Group now had 6 members. So far, the WG had set out its

     terms of reference, as well as producing a document setting out the process by which any

     additional hall option(s) will be generated. The group will build on the work previously

     completed and will seek to engage with the whole community to validate village hall

     requirements and fill in any gaps which become apparent, prior to generating any

     appropriate additional option(s) for the community to review. The WG are keen to ensure any

     consultation is not seen as a duplication of an exercise undertaken by the previous

      committee, hence, they will look to make it clear what additional information this will provide

      and that they will welcome comments from all, whatever their feelings about the existing proposed design.

     Paula gave an update regarding financing options, as currently known, including the

     possibility of raising a mortgage, supported by Chris who provided the funding source details

      for Windfarm Community Benefits (there may also be other funding sources available to augment these).

      As regards effective and comprehensive communication with the community, Paul raised the

      concern that the WG are missing a forum to communicate to the community and get

     feedback. The group want to be as open and transparent as possible. Lynn informed Paul

      that the new OCA website will shortly be up and running, and there would be a dedicated

     section for the WG. The OCA also offered the WG a regular section in the upcoming

     newsletter which was gratefully accepted.

5.  Website

      Lynn asked the committee to confirm their approval to spend approx. £250 for training to set

      up and administer a new OCA website. This was given. Lynn suggested that it would be useful

      and sensible for one other committee member to be part of the training. Jonathon offered

      to be the second trainee. Lynn to contact Philip @ Sustaining Dunbar to set up training as soon as possible.

6.  Newsletter

      Lynn distributed a very outline draft for the first OCA newsletter and suggested that this

     should aim to be distributed to the Community by the end of March.  It was agreed that we

     should produce and distribute the newsletter once per quarter - Spring (March), Summer (June), Autumn (September) and Winter (December).

      Lynn advised that the design and layout of the newsletter would be part of the training undertaken with Sustaining Dunbar.

     Copies of the draft were given to all Committee members for consideration and additional contribution. The Working Group agreed that they would write the update regarding the new Village Hall.

     Final draft to be available for approval at the March committee meeting. Printing and

     distribution to be carried out asap, ideally by end March.

7.  Constitution

     Discussion took place following Danny, Lynn and Angus’ update on the meeting with Yvonne

     Stoddart of Strive (the organisation which is funded to support voluntary bodies in East Lothian).

     Although Yvonne had suggested that a single tier SCIO would be the most appropriate

      for OCA, there was some concern and evidence that a 2-tier system was actually the best

     option. For example, the Co’path CA works based on 2-tier and their Constitution reflected this.

      It was agreed that Angus and Danny would Contact Yvonne again to chase her up for the

     information which she had promised.

      It was also agreed that we should move forward with agreeing the new draft Constitution for

      the SCIO as soon as possible, with a view to holding an EGM very soon after to get wider 

     Community discussion and approval.

8.  Social Calendar

      Some ideas for social events during 2019 were put forward briefly towards the end of the

     meeting. Lynn asked for all committee members to add their own ideas to this. The aim is to

      make some final decision at the next meeting, which could be included in the Spring


9.  Project Ideas

      John and Jon are gathering information regarding Superfast fibre broadband provision

      for the community and will report further at the next meeting.

     Angus is working on getting the defibrillator installed outside the hall.

       Lynn and Angus have secured costs for a bench and paving around the Millennium tree.

       Angus to discuss with local residents potentially affected and

       report back at next meeting. It was also thought that we may need planning permission for his - Lynn to investigate.

       Lynn had secured costs from Mick Clubb to upgrade and repair the existing benches. Mick’s

       quote of £40 per bench was accepted. Lynn advised that this work would be done in late

       Spring, after lambing season was over.

10.   OCA Bank Accounts

       There is an outstanding invoice for Chubb which should be paid ASAP. John to action.

        It was agreed that we should change the cheque signatories as follows - Angus, John, Ian and Joyce.

       Quite a few bank statements appeared to be missing for the Sustainable Funds a/c. These

       should be chased up via Gordon. John/Lynn to action.

11.   Any Other Business

        A request had been received for some of the ‘Panners to sleep overnight in the hall after

       the Flower Show. We should check this out with our insurance company and fire

       service regulations. There was an element of concern amongst the committee, despite that   

       this facility had been allowed in previous years.

        A final decision to be made at the next meeting based on consultation and comments from

       insurers and fire service.

12.   Date of Next Meeting

       Next meeting to be held on Wednesday 27 March at 7.00pm.