Oldhamstocks Community Association 

Committee Meeting held in the Hall on Wednesday 25th January 2017


Present: Neil Richerby, Chair, Barbara Richerby, Janice Hanvidge, Sharon Simpson, Lauryn Simpson, Lizanne Longmuir, Gordon Simpson, Nathan Simpson, Angus Macdonald, Chris Bruce, Alison Mells, Lorna Bairden, and from Simpson & Brown, Jenny Humphreys, John Sanders and Catriona O'Neill.

Apologies: John Hanvidge and David Legge.

The meeting proceeded according to the agenda, led by Simpson & Brown. Notes/minutes were taken by Catriona O'Neill and forwarded by email to Neil. They are attached here as a record of this meeting.

We agreed to the proposal to arrange two consultation events for the community and hall-users in mid/late March, and also, for the Design Brief, to discuss further and more specifically the requirements of hall-users.


After Simspon & Brown left we took a few minutes to deal with additional items:

Committee: we agreed the formation of the committee as set at the AGM in November 2016. It was noted that Donna Conroy and Mary Legge have stepped down from the committee. David Legge, Jacquie Riddell, Angus Macdonald, Kaleena Hanvidge and Chris Bruce are co-opted members.

Land: Neil reported on a meeting that he, Gordon and Chris had with the Dunglass Land Agent, Ewan Harris, to discuss the possibility of land purchase for the purposes of building a new hall. A plan has been drawn up by Mr Harris, showing a strip of land either side of a main plot – these strips have been offered for sale to the immediate neighbours, the central plot envisaged as the site for a new hall. It has been suggested that the new hall could be sited somewhat to the east of the current building's position, and also slightly further back. If this idea were followed, it would be likely that the current hall could remain in use during construction of a new building, and be removed thereafter. We agreed that Neil should enter negotiations, on behalf of OCA, and agreed an amount to offer for the central section of land. If/when our offer is accepted, we can proceed to organise the drawing up of Title Deeds for this land, and to include the existing Hall site.  The committee discussed an offer made (through Mr Harris) to purchase a section of land on which the shed and part of the Hall currently stand. After brief discussion we agreed that, as this land was gifted to the Village, we are not in a position to consider selling this piece of ground, and Neil agreed to communicate our thoughts to Mr Harris as this approach was not made directly to the committee.

Flower Show Committee request: Barbara reported that the Flower Show Committee wished to encourage new members, and asked OCA members if anyone would like to help, or could pass the word out to the community, especially to younger people!

Windfarm update: Neil reported that he expected very soon to be signing the agreement with Ferneylea Windfarm; first funds to be received shortly. 

Next meeting: will also be with Simpson & Brown present, in order to plan the consultation events, and will take place on Wednesday 15th February 2017 at 7.30 pm in the Hall.

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