Oldhamstocks Community Association

Committee Meeting held in the Hall on 15th March 2017


Present: Neil Richerby, Chair, Barbara Richerby, Janice Hanvidge, John Hanvidge, Sharon Simpson, Lauryn Simpson, Lizanne Longmuir, Lorna Bairden, Alison Mells.

Apologies: David Legge, Nathan Simpson, Gordon Simpson, Jacquie Riddell, Chris Bruce, Angus Macdonald.

Welcome: Neil welcomed all present.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Treasurer's report: Barbara read out Gordon's report. The current balance is £13,520.67 of which £3968.41 is available, and the rest ring-fenced: £4800 in the Civic Pride Fund, £4702.26 in the Crystal Rig Fund, and £50 as a donation for a New Hall). The first invoice from S&B will be paid from the Crystal Rig Fund, and subsequent invoices from the new Crystal Rig money (£50K) currently held on our behalf by the Community Council. Janice added that £10K of this amount will be paid into our account in April for this purpose.

Consultation events:

Display boards: Neil has received draft of layout by email; looks great; will be circulated to the committee.

Neil will organise hanging of boards early next week.

Alison agreed to deal with provision of materials for kids' activities.

Barbara will organise comments sheets and box.

Photos: Lauryn and Nikki Edge.

“Shepherding” folks around boards/to complete comments sheets etc: Gordon and Chris (Wed).

Refreshments: Sharon will organise tea and milk. Barbara will organise coffee and juice. Baking/cakes have been offered by Isla-May, Jacqui, Lorna, Sharon/Lauryn, Barbara, Lizanne, Alison. Sandwiches for S&B will be provided by Janice.

Heating: Sharon will organise.

Wednesday 22nd March – those committee members helping should arrive around 4pm if possible.

Consideration of quotes from Structural Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, Demolition experts etc sent through by S&B: much information had been given, and we felt it best to take S&B advice on choice of personnel, feeling completely confident that they would choose sensibly regarding the balance of skill provision and financial implication, with our best interests in mind. Neil will inform S&B.

Topographical survey: results of the survey led S&B to propose positioning a new hall alongside the current hall (making it possible to leave the existing hall in place until completion of a new building) without going any real distance back into the field, thus avoiding excessive excavation.

Land: Negotiations are continuing with all parties re land purchase.

Funding options: several of the initial enquiries produced negative results, but Chris and Janice reported that Viridor advised that applications of up to £50K may be considered in the next 2 years towards a specific part of a project (e.g. perhaps in our case to go towards waste disposal, rainwater collection etc?), and, as a result of Gordon's enquiry/request at the Cement Works, an estimate of the amount of concrete required for hall foundations has been forwarded to the Cement Works for their consideration.

Sharon has organised a meeting between Be Green (Community Windpower) and S&B in late March to discuss possible use of renewables and provision of expertise.

Sharon has a list of funders from the Whitsome Hall Project, and will sift through and present (at the next meeting) a further list of appropriate possibilities to follow up.

Sharon will enquire of ELC if there might be Council funding for the provision of items such as a hair-washing basin, podiatry equipment.

Phonebox: no response has been received so far to our request to adopt the phonebox – Sharon will follow up. Gordon has learned that insurance would be £10 p a.

Social events: suggestions tonight were a car boot sale on the day of the car rally (30th April), and a Midsummer picnic/walk. Please would all committee members think about this item and bring any more ideas to the next meeting!

AOB: Lorna reported that over in East Saltoun it seems there may be some use of the school buses to provide very local transport to and from the village during the day, helping older folk and those without cars. Janice agreed to find out more and if anything like that could be considered here.

Next meeting: date tbc, following consultation events.

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