Minutes of Committee Meeting held on Wed 29 May 2019 

1. Present & Apologies 

 Angus MacDonald, John McGregor, Chris Bruce, Joe Zawinski, Jonathan Ellis, Ian Christison, Lynn Harris, Alex Ainslie (part) 

2. Minutes of Previous 

Meeting Minutes were approved by committee. LH to publish on websites and hard copy in Village Hall. 

3. Alex Ainslie, Working Group 

 Alex/WG had asked to come along to this meeting as part of the survey process being undertaken with all Village Hall user groups. As with other groups, Alex asked the Committee a series of questions and asked for opinions on a variety of topics related to the present and proposed future Village Hall. The Working Group plan to collate the information gathered from all relevant hall users, to augment, enhance and fill in gaps in knowledge relating to future Hall development. All Committee members gave their responses, which will be collated and evaluated by the WG for future publication, possibly as part of a presentation at the EGM. 

4. New Constitution/SCIO 

 Jonathon guided the Committee through the SCIO/Constitution, which he had filled in as far as he could. The Committee then went through this section by section, discussing the areas which we wished to ‘customise’ to fit with our Community purpose, aims and objectives. Jon to update the SCIO based on our discussions/amendments and have it ready for final approval at next committee meeting, before presentation to the Community at the EGM in August. The Committee thanked Jonathon for the considerable time and effort he had spent on research and getting the SCIO to this advanced stage. 

5. Community Trust Fund 

 John updated the Committee regarding potential CTF fund and returns. John to continue working with financial advisor to prepare presentation for EGM. 

6. Meeting with Tom Black, Foundation Scotland 

 Chris advised that a meeting had been confirmed with Tom for Thurs 20 June at Ferneylea with Jon, Chris, John and Lynn. 

7. Any Other Business 

 The Committee unanimously agreed to co-opt Joe Zawinski on to the Committee. 

8. Date of Next Meeting Wednesday 26 June, 7.30 in Village Hall 

 EGM preparation meeting - Wednesday 31 July, time tbc  

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