Oldhamstocks Community Association

Committee Meeting held in the Hall on 1st November 2018

Draft Minutes

Welcome: Neil welcomed everyone present.

Present: Neil Richerby, Chair, Barbara Richerby, Sharon Simpson, Gordon Simpson, Lauryn Simpson, Alex Ainslie, Nikki Edge, Isla-May Edge, Dougie McCreath, Miriam Mells and Alison Mells.

Apologies: Chris Bruce, Kaleena Hanvidge, Nathan Simpson, David Legge, John Hanvidge, and Janice Hanvidge. Nathanael Mells is standing down from the committee as he is unable to attend meetings regularly.

Minutes of the September meeting were approved.

New Hall Project: Nikki reported that the new Working Group - set up (as a result of the recent'mediation'meeting on 10th October chaired by ELC's Resolution Officer Helen Graham) to “look at alternative options to be put before Parishioners, together with the current plan” - had met once and begun to set out terms of reference, discussing its scope, governance, and the membership of the group in relation to the OCA committee. The group saw its role as short term and focused on gathering hall requirements to the submission of a planning application. There was discussion about the potential independence or interdependence of the Working Group and the OCA Committee, including reporting requirements and applications for financial support. After the next Working Group meeting (on Nov 14th) the TOR would be shared with the OCA committee. Concerns were raised by Committee members around potential duplication of previous work and related expenses.  Neil raised some further issues:

first, that the new sub-group should bear in mind the importance of timescale in relation to the land purchase agreement so far negotiated with the Dunglass Estate Factor (to avoid the need for alteration) and to the relevant timing of a Planning application;

second, that it should be very clear that any decisions involving contracts and finance (eg to employ an alternative architect) must come to the OCA committee for agreement;

third, that the sub-group should be aware that, while material/info gathered so far by OCA can be drawn upon by the Working Group, material prepared by S&B or the quantity surveyor that could be classed as ‘commercial in confidence’ cannot be shared with other suppliers/bidders under the terms of the S&B contract .

Nikki will relay these concerns to the sub-group.

Neil's proposal to request an invoice form S&B for their work to date in preparing the Planning application was approved.

Treasurer's Report: Gordon has completed the end-of-year report, as per OSCR - the balance, as at the end of September, is £10,030.13, with available funds standing at £2795.72.

Windfarm funding update: supplied by Chris -

East Neuk: Cockburnspath and Cove CC have indicated that, at this stage, they do not wish (and do not think it practical) to have a joint windfarm benefit fund with Oldhamstocks, preferring to settle for the 50/50 share, with each community managing their own 50%. A link could perhaps be formed at a later date. We are asked for our opinion, and agreed tonight that we would be content with this arrangement. Foundation Scotland, who manage the East Neuk windfarm benefit fund, may impose some conditions on the spending of the benefit money, but as yet no details have been finalised.

SCIO: Helen Graham had written to ask Barbara to arrange a meeting on 14th November so that she and Yvonne Stoddart can meet with us again. Barbara had replied with an invitation to join us tonight, but had received no response. (Gordon had emailed Yvonne – so far with no response.) The committee felt that a further meeting prior to the AGM should not be necessary as we are already intent on proceeding with the SCIO application, and would expect that the committee, reformed at the AGM, would continue with this as soon as is practical. Gordon has learned from Yvonne that we do not have to change our Charity's name – we would simply become Oldhamstocks Community Association SCIO.

AGM: the agenda will take the same format as for last year. Posters will be displayed by 7th November.

Current Hall issues:

cleaning arrangements: new arrangements are in operation – Lauryn and Isla-May are happy to check (and clean as necessary) before and clean after events.

Gordon and Sharon agreed to purchase a new vacuum cleaner, and will check with John Hanvidge about thecondition of the freezer.                                                                      Gordon and Sharon

Towel rail and toilet-roll-holders in the Ladies – fixing a towel rail is difficult, so towels will be placed elsewhere in the room; Alison will get two free-standing toilet-roll-holders.         Alison


the committee had appreciated Jackie and Dave Philip's recent letter of support;

Barbara had sent out a 'fireworks awareness' email in response to an email from an Oldhamstocks resident about animals being scared;

the committee was pleased to receive a letter of thanks from Janice Lennon.

Social events: all is inhand for the concert on 30th November. It is expected that next year's committee will arrange a meal early in the new year, and perhaps another bike ride in the spring. The Hall will be open on Jan 1st as usualfor New Year's Day celebration.

AOB: a reminder was givenof the Unveiling Ceremony, being held by ELCC in association with the Airfield sof Britain Conservation Trust,

 on Sunday 11th November at Skateraw Car Park at 1pm (already intimated to the wider community). Alison expressed an interest, and will contact Janice.

Date of next meeting: this will be fixed by the next committee, following the AGM. 

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