Minutes of the Oldhamstocks Community Association

Meeting held on 29th September 2015

Present: Jacquie Riddell (Chair), Chris Bruce (notes), Gordon Simpson (Treasurer), John Hanvidge, Graeme Bairden, Alec Ainslie, Neil Richerby, Nathan Simpson, Marie-Florence MacDonald, Donna Collins.

Steve Finlay came to the hall at the beginning of the meeting and tendered his resignation from the Community Association committee, citing the recent e-mail exchange as his reason forresignation.

1. Apologies; Angus MacDonald, Jo Legge, Andrea Davison, Lauryn Simpson

2. Minutes from 11th August; proposed by John Hanvidge and agreed.

3. Treasurers report was tabled – little movement from previous meeting. Total balance is £15,958

Clarification was sought regarding the funds identified against the Bridge. It was explained that we will need to propose alternative uses for this money, which would need agreement from the Fred Olsen Renewables agent.  Alternatively, the funds could be returned to Fred Olsen.

Bench around the Millennium Oak There was discussion about this proposal, dating from 1999/2000.  Plans and wood had been acquired but planning permission may not have been given – or applied for. 

The Chair offered to check what was in the minutes of OCA about this.

Signage – there are also funds identified for putting up some Interpretation Boards at three locations in the village.  Marie Florence offered to progress this work, which would involve

·        agreeing text (we believe that Graeme Munro has drafted some text already)  

·        agreeing design and fabric of the Boards

·        submitting a planning application on this basis

·        applying for the balance of the funding required

·        arranging for manufacture and installation of the signs

4. Bridge update

Agreed to ask Janice Hanvidge to write to Torness, LaFarge, Nick Morgan (ELC), Fred Olsen Renewables, East Lothian Courier and Berwickshire News, to invite them to an opening ceremony at 15.00 on Friday 23rd October.

Path beyond bridge needs cleared – John to ask Steve if Jo Paul has confirmed willingness to do this – or some of it.

5. Verge update

Raymond Greeves, Council officer has clear idea what is to be done – but has not confirmed a date for the works to commence.

6. October fundraiser

Curry Night – 24th October - posters ready to go, everyone please buy tickets!  Jacquie Riddell, Janice Hanvidge and Jo Legge are ready to take money for tickets.

7. Oldhamstocks Community Association AGM/ 8. Hall Structural Survey  

The Annual General meeting is due to take place Tuesday 10th November in the Hall, at 19.30

Important to get lots of people here.  Need to send out e-mails, Facebook, perhaps a flyer –

Chris to confirm we want Michael Veitch to chair the meeting and ask Pauline Jaffray to minute it.

AGM business needs to be transacted at appropriate point, refreshing membership of the OCA.

Neil reported he has spoken to BeGreen – who are willing to sponsor a further report - Neil to check what this report might cover – likely to centre on environmental opportunities, perhaps most useful in relation to any new build – so may be premature to request this.

Alec Ainslie had challenged BeGreen/Community Windpower to provide further funding towards the building itself.

Stenton folk had advised that they had come up against buffers and are struggling to raise funds.

Abbey St Bathans purchased the land on which the current hall stands, plus some additional land.  Then they commissioned an independent survey(cost £14,000) and used that to gain support from the full community.  They were quoted £325,000 for a new hall.  They hope to get funding from Quixwood, Crystal Rig and Community Windpower, plus possibly Penmanshiel, and are confident they can raise what they need.

It seems likely that we would also be able to raise a significant/large sum from both community windfarm benefits and other funds such as lottery should we agree to build a new hall.

Architects competition – Chris to find out whether we would have to use the winner for the work itself.

Report from Richard Amos clearly indicates that refurbishing the present hall is not a viable option.

Copies of the Richard Amos report to be circulated electronically if possible and placed in the Hall and advertised in the flyer for the AGM, individual hard copies to be handed to neighbours by Chris and Neil.

Neil suggested we might use an Architectural Technician to draw up a footprint of a possible hall replacement.  Agreed he should commission this with a budget of £350 - £400.

Discussion of Land purchase needs to follow design/specification discussion.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to raise the funds we need.

Chris to circulate note of running order for meeting on 10th November.

9. Any Other Business – Chris asked about people’s preference in accessing faster Broadband.  There was no clear preference for either the public ELC/Broadband Scotland route, or for going in with a windfarm provider.  East Lammermuir Community Council will discuss on 6th October at their meeting in Stenton Bowling Club, at 7.30 p.m.

Date of next meeting for Oldhamstocks Community Association = Annual General Meeting, 10th November.  Chair and Secretary have indicated they wish to stand down, Gordon willing to continue as Treasurer.