Oldhamstocks Community Association

Committee Meeting held in the Hall on 6th September 2018


Welcome: Neil welcomed everyone present.

Present: Neil Richerby, Chair, Barbara Richerby, John Hanvidge, Janice Hanvidge, Sharon Simpson, Gordon Simpson, Lauryn Simpson, Alex Ainslie, Nikki Edge, Isla-May Edge, Dougie McCreath, David Legge, Miriam Mells and Alison Mells, with Cat O'Neill from S&B in attendance from 8 pm, for a short time, to advise on details of the planning application process.

Apologies: Chris Bruce, Kaleena Hanvidge, Nathan Simpson and Nathanael Mells.

Minutes of the June meeting were approved. All actions had been taken care of.

New Hall Project:

Drainage: the report by John Rafferty from East of Scotland Services tells us that drains have been surveyed, found to be in good condition (other than one small hole at a joint) and suitable for re-use.

Mediation, aiming for better community relations: Neil and Janice have met with the Mediator, Helen Graham, on two occasions. Janice agreed to contact Helen in the morning to discuss the next stage of the process and the way forward. It is anticipated that a further meeting would take place, in early October and as many of us as possible should attend this. We noted that the process, already two months old, could take some time, and discussed whether or not to resume our plan to proceed with the planning application. One or two members were unsure but, after discussion, the decision taken by vote tonight was 11 in favour of proceeding and 1 abstention. Nikki thanked Neil and Janice for their efforts on the committee's behalf thus far.                                                        Janice

Planning process: Cat advised that all drawings and the Design and Access report (apart from some final details re drainage) are ready now for possible submission at the end of September (earliest). Cat explained some details about the planning process – eg the application will be publicised on paper and the internet once the application is validated; the process through Planning is likely to take three months; more information and/or a site visit may be requested.

Treasurer's Report: the current balance is £11841.58. Available funds stand at £3671.18. The balance in the windfarm benefits accounts is as before. Insurance was paid in July. The Tea event raised some £200. At short notice, a new hot water unit was installedin the kitchen in time for the Flower Show. Costs for painting (Hall and bridge– many thanks to John Hanvidge) are still to be paid out. A profit is anticipated from the concert on 21st September (divided between church and OCA). Planning fees will come out of ring-fenced funds.

Windfarm update: supplied by Chris -

Crystal Rig: ELCC members visited the windfarm a week ago – there were helpful discussions with Craig Potter of Natural Power in relation to the proposed East Lammermuir Community Fund.

East Neuk: Pauline Hood(Chair of Co'path and Cove CC) and Chris Bruce have agreed to meet Rachel fromFoundation Scotland to discuss a shared approach to use of the funds (up to£50k p.a.) that the new owners wish to make available to local bodies. Inprinciple we hope for influence over 50% of those funds for Oldhamstocksparish, with a strong emphasis on shared projects with Co'path and Cove (egtransport, care at home?). This would likely require the setting up of a jointgroup to agree joint projects in due course.

Things generally should beclearer in the next few months.

SCIO: the 2-tier system seems to be appropriate for OCA – it will bring accountability to the membership, protection for administration, and should be attractive to funders. As directed by OSCR, a template can be obtained from SCVO, completed and taken to Perth for a helpful checking-over procedure. It was noted that if we wish to change wording, we would need legal advice; also that Co'path and Cove CC had employed a lawyer to assist them in setting up a SCIO – we agreed to ask Chris to invite Pauline Hood to advise and speak to us about their experience. Gordon advised that it seems that every member of the parish must apply annually to be a member, resulting in the need for us to keep a record of names and addresses. For the SCIO constitution, we need a new name for the OCA – all to bring ideas to the next meeting.                                                                                                                      Chris, All

Current Hall issues:

Painting etc: many thanks to all who helped, and in particular to John Hanvidge.

Cleaning etc: many thanks are due to Janice Lennon for dealing with this for a good number of years. Barbara will convey our thanks with card, flowers and voucher. Lauryn and Isla-May volunteered to share responsibility for cleaning in future, before and after events, and for replenishing supplies. Payment will be discussed at the next meeting. Neil will investigate purchase of a Dyson vacuum cleaner at discount rates.                                                                                                                                         Barbara, Neil

Freezer: John will check the freezer again – if found to be faulty, a new one can be purchased using money from the Local Priorities Fund income (£520).                                                                                                                                         John, Gordon

Communications: Nikki will update notice-board.                                                                  Nikki

Social events: Gordon reported that ticket sales are good for the concert on 21st September. Sharon agreed to ask Stu and Natalie about arranging a Mexican evening in mid-November.                                                                           Sharon


Borderlink broadband now have a few customers in Oldhamstocks and anyone interested should contact them to arrange a survey. Borderlink will advise on the TP-Link. Installation cost is £175 – it is possible to apply to Scottish Government for grant if internet speed is less than 2mb; monthly cost is £30.

Aerial photography: was planned but has so far not happened.

Traffic through the village: Chris has spoken to David Albers of Purely Scottish Water at Woollands, who responded by wishing to assure the community that his staff are very much aware of their responsibilities regarding driving through the village, and, as a visible sign of action and in support of good relations, he offers his phone number (01368 860600) for anyone who may wish to report poor driving that they believe may be associated with PSW. David Albers has also been in touch with Neil who has responded on OCA's behalf. Janice advised that there is a reactive speed sign which is available for use in ELCC villages – she will enquire if we can perhaps have this temporarily placed in Oldhamstocks. Alison volunteered to research appropriate signage (eg SLOW – Children and Animals) that we could purchase and put up. It was noted that there is currently extra heavy traffic passing through the village due to timber works beyond Stottencleugh – Janice has spoken with a driver about taking extra care.                                                            Janice, Alison

Next Meeting: Thursday 11th October 2018. (The date of the AGM will be fixed at the next meeting.)

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