Oldhamstocks Community Association

Committee Meeting held in the Hall on 22nd March 2018


Welcome: Neil welcomed everyone, and informed the committee that Sam and Andy Shanks have said they are unable to commit time to committee and have therefore stepped down. Neil expressed the hope that they can rejoin in the future.

Present: Neil Richerby, Chair, Barbara Richerby, John Hanvidge, Janice Hanvidge, Nikki Edge, Isla-May Edge, Chris Bruce, Sharon Simpson, Gordon Simpson, Lauryn Simpson, Nathan Simpson, Miriam Mells, Alison Mells, Alex Ainslie (arrived late), and with Cat O'Neill (S&B) in attendance for the first part of the meeting.

Apologies: David Legge, Nathanael Mells, Kaleena Hanvidge.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

New Hall plans: Cat O'Neill spoke of the positive response S&B had received from ELC's Planning Department on 19th March, including positive feedback on aspects of the hall height, scale and design, its impact on the character and appearance of the area.  They raised no concerns with continuing the current approach to parking provision and access to the hall for disabled access/loading but asked that bike parking be considered in the plans.

S&B will look into the best site and options for bike parking.                                              S&B

Although ELC indicated it was unlikely there would be any issues associated with daylight/sunlight from the proposal, these matters would be technically assessed in response to a formal plan submission.

S&B will prepare sun/shadow diagrams for the Planning application.                                 S&B

Cat further advised that it would be sensible to ask the Structural Engineer to prepare drainage design plans before a Planning application is lodged.

S & B to arrange this asap.                                                                                                           S&B

The Committee agreed that on the basis of this positive feedback we should move forward to submit a formal planning application for the new hall.                                                                                                                                                 S&B

A fuller update to the Community will be issued on the back of this response, outlining plans for next steps.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Barbara/Neil

We agreed that it would be helpful to have an updated display board for the Hall with info about the planning application (info which will also be posted on the website).

S&B to provide this.                                                                                                               S&B

(At this point Alec arrived, and Cat left.)

Treasurer's report: the current balance is £14307.96. Available funds stand at £4056.96. Gordon noted that c£18k from Hoprigshiels windfarm looks likely to arrive in our account shortly. Gordon confirmed that there were no restrictions on the use of Hoprigshiels and Ferneylea funds but that it would be good practice to inform them of our planned use.

Committee status: several signed Trustee declaration forms have been received, but (NB!) there are more to come in! We agreed to proceed with our application to become a SCIO and would discuss the further action required as well as the requirement for a new name to replace OCA at the next meeting. Gordon will check our understanding and approach with STRIVE personnel.

Sharon and Gordon to discuss with representatives from other similar local committees who have recently undertaken this process.                                                                                                                                                                            Sharon, Gordon and All

Current Hall Issues: main hall curtains have been cleaned (thanks to Janice), new curtains and blinds have been fitted in the toilets (thanks to John), the bookcase and noticeboard are ready to be put in the porch (thanks to Sharon, Nikki and Isla-May), and we agreed to tidy and redecorate the porch to provide a welcoming environment on entry to the hall. Any further tasks to be completed before April 21st.                                                                                                                                                                         All

Peter Ainslie has agreed to deal with plumbing issues in Gents toilet and kitchen.


Website: the new site is up and running, with photos, blog, information, news of events etc. We agreed that there should be links to Instagram and the Oldhamstocks Facebook page. Gordon agreed to liaise with Andrea about the old website. The link is www.oldhamstocksvillagehall.com/

                                                                                                                                    Gordon, Nathan

Neil had received an email from Sheila Ainslie asking if our committee meetings are open to the public. We discussed this matter in light of the various practices known to be adopted by other groups/committees, and concluded that, since we publish our minutes in various ways, hold an AGM (and other public meetings occasionally), and reconstitute the committee every year, we consider it practical to regard committee meetings as for the committee only. An exception could be made for an extraordinary meeting. (Barbara will reply.)                                                                                                                                                              Barbara

Social events: all is in hand for the Curry night on 21st April. Sharon and Gordon will ask David L about karaoke. Discussion of arrangements for the June 17th Afternoon Tea event (craft tables, table-painting, tickets, catering etc) will take place at the next meeting.                                                                                                                                               Sharon, Gordon


Resilience Plan? - Prompted by the impact of the severe weather during Feb/March we discussed the value of a Resilience Plan for the community. Chris mentioned that other villages do have their own plans and highlighted events on 12th June (7.30 in Stenton, led by Sandy Baptie) and 26th June (a 'rehearsal', for which volunteer 'evacuees' are wanted!) at which more can be learned.

Bus shelter and Phonebox: Alison again raised the issue of the bus shelter step being dangerous – Sharon agreed to ask about this when she also enquires about the outcome of our request from some time ago to take ownership of the public Phonebox.                                                                                                                                                                         Sharon

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