Oldhamstocks is a small village in East Lothian, consisting of around 200 people residing in the shadows of the Lammermuir Hills. The purpose of this website is to keep the community and others up to date with the latest information regarding all things Oldhamstocks!

General Information

Located at the side of the website are various menu items which can be selected and viewed. Things like, "The Village", "Picture Gallery", and "History" offer a great insight into information of the village past and present, and include fantastic images of different events and outings that have been held. We also have a blog page which is used to write posts on the latest updates of the village and to report back on the success of events that have taken place, as well as a Links page which has useful contacts for information, business or pleasure. We also have an Instagram page which is featured below, and is used to post pictures from events and the general beauty of the village itself! Feel free to check it out below. We now have new pages with details of the various Wind Farms around the village and the community benefits they provide and links to Live CCTV cams and interactive maps giving live information of planes flying over East Lothian and shipping sailing off the coast of Dunbar. Finally we have a link to the Village Facebook page.


Why Not Take a Look at the Progress of Our New Hall?

We have started the process of planning our new hall, and have created a timeline to track the progress at every stage. Please do have a look and see how we're getting along. It's a long process but we can't wait for the end result! You can access the timeline by clicking on the title or by finding it in the menu bar. 



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