Oldhamstocks is a small village on the edge of the county of East Lothian, sitting in the shadows of the Lammermuir Hills. The purpose of this website is to keep the local community and anyone  else who is interested, up to date with all things Oldhamstocks!

This picture below shows the church and is taken looking east from the Haystall Hill.

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β€’Β Β Β Β β€’Β Β Β Β β€’

Our community decided that we needed a new Village Hall so we have been consulting and planning since 2013! If you want to see the timeline of the process so far, click on the picture above or find it in the menu bar.

β€’Β Β Β Β β€’Β Β Β Β β€’

Oldhamstocks is set in beautiful countryside.

Most of the cottages date back to the 19th Century and many are listed buildings.

Mill Walk bridge rebuilt in 2014.

The village by winter moonlight

The Church against a winter sky

The locals are friendly

β€’Β Β Β Β β€’Β Β Β Β β€’


β€’Β Β Β Β β€’Β Β Β Β β€’

A streetlit village watched over by a full winter moon

β€’Β Β Β Β β€’Β Β Β Β β€’