Oldhamstocks Community Association

Informal meeting held on Sunday 2nd December 2018


Angus MacDonald

Marie Florence MacDonald

Joyce Usher

Chris Bruce

John McGregor

Lynn Harris

Toni Shand

Harry McGregor

The primary purpose of this informal meeting was for all the committee members to get to know each other, since not everyone on the committee had previously met. Thanks go to Angus and Marie Florence for hosting what was a lovely, enthusiastic and informative meeting. A few points of business and actions were agreed, as minuted below:

1.    Date of Next Meeting

The next OCA Committee Meeting will take place on Thursday 17 January 2019 at the Village Hall, 7.30 - 9.00 pm

2.    Xmas Decorations

We understand that the Village Hall has a stock of Christmas decorations which are used to decorate the hall for the festive period. Angus agreed to contact the relevant member(s) of the previous Committee to find out where the decorations are and to have these handed over to the committee asap so that we can decorate the hall.  The committee agreed that this was a matter of urgency, especially since we still do not have sight of any hall bookings and events for December.


The committee understands that there has previously been a Xmas tree donated by a member of the community. We agreed to approach possible locals, in particular Alex Ainslie, who might donate a tree for this year.


3.   Handover/Transition

Angus has already sent an email to the previous committee requesting a handover of all documents and information which the new committee need in order to ensure a seamless and smooth transition for OCA. Since no response had been received to date,Angus will email again on Monday 3/12 stressing the urgency of this matter. Of immediate concern was information regarding December bookings/events and Christmas decorations. Other matters on which we require urgent information are:

-    keys

-    any outstanding bills

-    bank details and transfer to new signatories

-    existing bookings

-    hall cleaning


4.    New Hall Working Group

It was felt that the OCA should be in touch with the Working Group to establish a relationship between the two parties. Since Angus is currently also on the Working Group, it was felt he was in the best position to move this forward.


5.    Foundation Scotland

It was agreed that we should have a meeting with a representative from Foundation Scotland to find out more about their role in distribution of windfarm monies. Chris to contact Tom at FS to invite him to our February Committee Meeting.


6.    OCA Community Projects

In response to various informal chats and ideas which members of the committee had been involved in since the AGM the previous Wednesday, it was decided that all committee members should come to the January 2019 meeting with any and all suggestions they would like to see the Committee consider for future funding. The new community hall was obviously the priority ongoing project, requiring substantial investment. However, several Committee members were keen to see windfarm monies spent on other projects which would bring benefit to the wider Community.


7.   Agenda points for next meeting

The following items were put forward for discussion at the next meeting on 17/1/19. A draft Agenda will be compiled by Lynn for the next meeting and sent out to all Committee by mid-December. Any additional items for inclusion should be communicated back to Lynn no later than 1 week prior to the January meeting. A final Agenda will then be sent out to all Committee members prior to the meeting.

Draft Agenda Points - to date. In no particular order.

A.   Update to our Constitution - Gilly’s suggestions ++

B.   OCA email address, website, communications etc

C.  Purchasing of extra ground for new hall

D.  Conversion of OCA to Trust - STRIVE

E.   Foundation Scotland -

F.   New Hall Working Group - relationship with OCA

G.  Hall Administration/Housekeeping

H.  Suggestions for Community projects

I.     Appointment of Treasurer

ACTION: Lynn/All

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