MINUTES OF OCA COMMITTEE MEETING - Wednesday 27th March 2019

1.         Present and Apologies

            Present - Angus MacDonald, John McGregor, Chris Bruce, Jonathon Ellis, Lynn Harris

            Apologies - Joyce Usher, Lysanne Watt, Ian Christison

           Consultant - Danny Dickson

           Observer - Marie Florence MacDonald

2.         Minutes of the Previous Meeting

            Draft Minutes had been circulated to all Committee members and also posted in Village Hall and sent to Gordon Simpson for posting on OVH website.  Some aspects of the draft Minutes had been queried by Gordon Simpson and therefore amendments/clarification would be made for Committee approval before the Final set were published.

            Lynn to liaise with Committee and seek final approval as soon as possible. Once approved the Minutes will be put up in Village Hall and sent to Gordon for inclusion on the Village website. 

Going forward, a draft version of the Minutes of Previous Meeting will be provided to the Committee on or before the next meeting for approval, and will only be published once full Committee approval has been given.

3.         Constitution

A discussion took place about the Constitution and the relative merits between Single and Two-Tier.

Danny explained the two options as follows:

Single Tier - The Committee (ideally 12 members) would have full control over decisions made for the community. Although there is a requirement to hold an AGM, the wider community has no voting rights.

Two-Tier - Every member of the Community has the option to sign up/register to be part of the OCA and therefore has voting rights at AGM and any EGM. The Committee would be the Trustees of OCA and the rest of the community would be Members. Concerns were raised by several members of the committee that the Single Tier system would not be helpful in addressing the need to ensure that the entire community were involved in decisions about allocation of funds and having their opinions heard in relation to future community projects. Chris also raised the point that Tom Black from Foundation Scotland had been very clear that a Two-Tier system was the preferred basis on which they would be able to give funds to a community organisation.

A vote was taken around the table, including votes from absent committee members. The result was as follows: 

Single Tier - Joyce

Two-Tier - Jon, Chris, John, Lynn, Angus (Lysanne and Ian had said they would vote with the majority)

One of the most important aspects of the Two Tier system is to have as many Members as possible and to have up to date contact details for everyone to ensure full communication and engagement. It was proposed and agreed that we send out a Member information sheet along with the newsletter. It was also agreed that the Committee should deliver this by hand and engage face-to face with as many as possible. The Committee also agreed that it would be necessary to hold an Extraordinary General Meeting to put the SCIO/Constitution proposal to the community. This should ideally take place by the end of May 2019. Format of this EGM to be finalised at the next Committee meeting.

4.         Financial Proposal

John McGregor outlined a proposal for management and investment of wind farm monies for the long term benefit of the community, both for the duration of the wind farm monies but also beyond. Broadly speaking, he proposed that we set up a Community Trust Fund which would invest approx. half of our potential annual income into a formal investment trust, which would generate an annual income. This would ensure that even when wind farm monies

  have ended, the Community would still receive a substantial dividend each year to continue to fund any future projects or outgoings. The remainder of annual wind farm monies could be used to fund ongoing costs for current projects. John agreed to put together a presentation giving fuller details. It was agreed that this should also be presented to the Community at the EGM.

5.         Any Other Business

Millennium Bench - a local resident had raised an objection to the bench location, as it would compromise privacy. There were also concerns about grass cutting and maintenance. It was agreed we would discuss this further at the next meeting.

Defibrillator Box - Angus to arrange for this to be purchased and installed. Approx £400 for box, fitting/install costs to be sought. It was also agreed that we should try to arrange training sessions for using the defibrillator. Angus to investigate.

Fire Extinguishers - Angus advised that these have been tested by Fire and Rescue. New smoke detectors have also been installed at no charge. Certificate and report will be sent to Angus.

Panners - the Fire and Rescue service raised no objections to the Panners staying in the hall during the Flower Show.

6.         Date of Next Meeting - Thursday 18th April was proposed. TBC