Police Appeal for Information


At 11pm on Monday 10th August, a concerned member of the public contacted police to report seeing a female walking at the side of the road, dressed in inappropriate clothing for the weather conditions and time of evening. She was last seen walking southbound between the roadway and treeline on the A1 near to the Cement Works, Dunbar. 

She is described as being aged between 25-35 years old, slim build with dark bobbed hair. 

Anyone with any information with regards this female or who may have witnessed her walking in this area should contact police on 101 quoting incident number 4199 of 10/08/20. 

Alternatively call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Alert - Unsolicited Packets of Seeds In the Post

Significant numbers of Scottish households have been receiving unsolicited packets of seeds in the post from China/Singapore as part of a likely scam.

Following contact with Scottish Government, it urges those receiving seeds to take the following actions:-

• if the packet of seeds has not been opened, please leave it sealed.

DO NOT PLANT OR COMPOST THESE SEEDS - it is possible that these seeds could be a harmful invasive species or harbour a disease both of which if released could pose a threat to agriculture and the environment.

• do not handle the seeds

These seeds may have been treated with a chemical pesticide. Please wash your hands if you have handled them without gloves.

Science and Advice for Scottish Agriculture (SASA) is collecting these unsolicited packets of seeds for analysis. It is asking for your co-operation to send these seeds to SASA.

Email your details and a postal address to info@sasa.gov.scot

You will be sent a pre-paid self-addressed envelope and zip-lock bag. When you receive the envelope and zip-lock bag please insert the packet of seeds into the zip-lock bag and seal. Then place the zip-lock bag and contents into the envelope and post it back to SASA.

If you receive further unsolicited packages, please report them again using info@sasa.gov.scot

Station House Bakery, Innerwick

Hi Everyone, as there have been a lot of people asking for a Dunbar pick up I have decided to trial it this week.
It will be Wednesday between 6.30pm - 7:00pm, pick up from Lauderdale Car Park.

I still need to work on adding an extra day on the website so temporarily please message me your Wednesday orders and don’t use the website.

Please still use the website for Friday Innerwick orders - All orders will be taken to Innerwick Village Hall Car Park on the date you select, usually. We will be available there for you to collect between 6:30pm -7:00pm.

Access the website here.

Barbarella Beets 14/08/2020

For the next leg of our culinary journey we are off to Mexico

Mexican Supper Night 14 August 2020
Trout ceviche
Chilli cheese empanadas
Skirt steak tacos
w/ avocado, salsas, cheese and broth

Esquites - Corn salad

Poblanos chillies w/ pork and cheese
Chicken enchiladas

Black beans and rice
Sweet potato
Jalapeño corn bread

Bionica – fruit salad
£21.50 pp

Please advise of any dietary requirements when booking.
Add a Cheesee Peasee board w/ chutney, poached fruits and homemade biscuits
£12.50 for two people

Vegetarian/ Vegan menu

Butternut and beetroot tacos
Chilli cheese empanadas
Spicy bean taquitos
w/ avocado, salsas and cheese

Esquites – corn salad

Chilli rellenos poblanos
Blackened vegetable burritos

Black beans and rice
Sweet potato
Jalapeño corn bread

Bionica – fruit salad
£21.50 pp
Please advise of any dietary requirements when booking.

Add on a Cheesee Peasee Board w/ chutney, poached fruits and homemade biscuits
£12.50 for two people

To order please CLICK or send an email to hello@barbarellabeets.com …..we will respond with a reservation and will send you our bank account details for payment. Once your payment has been received your order will be confirmed. Please let us know any special dietary requirements and delivery info at time of booking.

Delivery is Free in Dunbar and £2.50 out with Dunbar
Collection points
Dunbar: Lauderdale Park
East Linton: The Mart
Haddington: Aubigny Sports Centre
Musselburgh: Granada Services

Last orders 10pm on Tuesday

If you enjoy your dinner, please leave us a wee review on Facebook or Instagram.There could be a free treat for you at our next supper.

Cockburnspath Community Shop Letter

Community Shop
Letter from Richard Copland, 

Chair of the Community Shop Executive Team 

July 2020

Hello Friends and Neighbours,


Just to give you an update on progress with your new temporary community shop
here within Cockburnspath. 

Like any other folks we have learned (or are trying to) the wonders of Zoom! 

A group of well kent faces meet every Monday to discuss the week’s progress and catch up on the gossip!

To date we have established a number of workstreams
or small groups e.g. Funding and Finance, Planning and Risk, Procurement, Retail, Communication and Governance. Jennie Sutton (Community Development Facilitator) is the custodian of all
the workstreams plans and they need to be in on time or they get ‘Jennied’ 

We have updated the Community Council at their meetings. They continue to be very
supportive and we shared with the them on the plans to create a Community Benefits
Society, which gives the opportunity for all within the community to buy a
Share for a modest amount. We also anticipate that we will gain support from the Windfarm monies. 

By the end of this week, we will have visited two types of modular building suppliers
which are in Central Scotland. These buildings can be purchased new or second user
and can also be leased. 

As the Community Shop Executive Team, we will consider all these options in the
‘Business Case’, which will be supported by a full risk assessment and detailed plans
from each of the workstreams. Formal minutes will be shared via Social Media, Notice
Boards, and Webpages (which we are currently
developing) to ensure you are kept informed each step of the way. 

In light of the Website, we’d also like to invite children to come up with any pictures or figures that would look great on a webpage for the Community Shop. The simpler the
better and as big as possible to make scanning easy. 

If you’d like to forward your ideas with name/contact number and address you
can take
your finished design to the Foodstore at the Church Hall or scan and email through to
Jennie Sutton, Community Development Facilitator e: jenniesuttoncc@gmail.com 

This personal letter is the first of our community engagement events and as we are on route delivering this, we are asking for confirmation of the overwhelming Community wish for a Community Shop, voiced at the Village Hall meetings in February and March this year. From initial feedback it appears that £10 per Community Shop Share is the preferred price. More details will be coming to you via the Community Pathway Newsletter and the Share Offer Document should you wish to purchase a share(s). 

The attendees at the Village Hall meetings clearly wanted a Community Shop as quick as possible and despite Covid - 1 9 we too are wanting to deliver on that by the end of the year if at all possible. 

We promise to work very hard to deliver on the wish that was ‘loud and clear’ for a Community Village Shop but we need your continuing support. 

Some of the things we would like to support wherever possible is to use local suppliers, provide employment and volunteer opportunities and to put any profits from this venture back into areas that will tangibly benefit our community.

We have a special community and we as the Community Shop Executive Team are determined to deliver you a Community Shop to be proud of, as it will belong to all of us. 

A community shop, brought to the community by the community! 

Thank you

Richard Copland 

Chair, Community Shop Executive Team 

Richard Copland contact details are: 

Email - richardwcopland@gmail.com 

Mobile - 07484891387

Water bottling plant expansion makes a splash

A WATER bottling plant has been given the go-ahead to expand its business to increase production and create its training headquarters in the East Lothian countryside.

Purely Scottish produces mineral water supplies from its factory at Oldhamstocks with water from the nearby Lammermuir Hills.

But in a planning application to East Lothian Council, the company said it had seen production fall from sending 35 lorries to and from the site each week to just six to eight lorries a week.

And it said it planned to invest in the plant to bring production back up to its peak and create more jobs.

For full story click here.

The Cove closed 07/08/2020 for private funeral

Cove Harbour will be CLOSED for public access on Friday (7th August) morning until at least 1pm for a private funeral of a local fisherman. Please respect the family’s privacy and do not attempt to access the harbour. Parking at Cove is likely to be very restricted at this time and for a while before and after so please avoid visiting the area. Your support during what is a difficult time for this community is very much appreciated. Many thanks and please share.


Following the incident reported to us Paxton last week, we have received reports today of the same group of males operating in the Eyemouth Area. They are using a green Ford Transit Van and a White Renault Master van, cold calling on properties offering garden work.


Please call police on 101 (or 999 in an emergency) to report if these males are in in your area.

Bogus callers and rogue traders may offer to carry out unnecessary or overpriced property repairs or garden maintenance or are selling goods door to door. They tend to target the more vulnerable in our communities. Please look out for any vulnerable neighbours potentially being targeted by doorstep callers and always report any suspicious vehicles or callers to us immediately by phoning 101 or 999 in an emergency. Note as much detail as possible including descriptions of callers, vehicle type, colour, registration number and direction of travel.

For further information on how to protect yourself, family and neighbours visit our Doorstep Crime and Bogus Callers page on the Police Scotland website http://ow.ly/WE8250AMeVc
and Trading Standards Scotland Website http://ow.ly/ofQ350AMeVb

For any community interested in introducing a No Cold Calling Zone in their area please contact your local community beat officer via 101.

Police Message - Covid, People with Disabilities and Face Coverings


Message from Assistant Chief Constable Gary Ritchie – 27 July

Police Scotland is committed to keeping people safe and
protecting all our communities. We understand that daily life adhering to
coronavirus (COVID-19) guidelines continues to be challenging for everyone. 

Although Scottish Government guidance has provided
flexibility for the individual needs of disabled people, we recognise this has
not prevented some people becoming fearful of going out into their communities.
We are aware some disabled people have reported being unfairly challenged and,
on occasion, abused about issues linked to social distancing and face

Our partners have shared concerns that some disabled people
can find physical distancing difficult - this could be linked to sight loss,
autism, a physical disability or other issues. People have reported being
shouted at, made to feel uncomfortable or fearful. 

We have also received reports of people who are exempt from
wearing face coverings being inappropriately challenged in shops or on public
transport. This includes people who have invisible or hidden disabilities, like
asthma or autism.

There are several exemptions in the guidance for people who
cannot wear face coverings. A full list can be found on the Scottish Government
website. Exemptions included are:

•      you have a health condition or you are disabled and a face covering would be inappropriate
because it would cause difficulty, pain or severe distress or anxiety, or
because you cannot apply a covering and wear it safely and consistently in the
proper manner. Individual discretion should be applied in considering the use
of face coverings for children and young people, for example, children with
breathing difficulties and disabled children who would struggle to wear a face

•      you need to eat or drink

•      you are taking medication

•      you are communicating with someone who relies on lip reading.

Police Scotland wants to reassure disabled communities that
we take reports of people being targeted seriously. We would encourage the
public to consider the implications of coronavirus (COVID-19) guidelines on
disabled communities before challenging people. 
We want to prevent these incidents occurring and to ensure disabled
people feel safe in their communities.

We will continue to work with the Scottish Government and
other partners to ensure the public is aware of issues which directly affect
disabled communities. 

Police Scotland has circulated guidance to frontline police
officers and staff to ensure they consider disabilities when engaging with
people, particularly given the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) measures.

We understand some disabled people may choose to carry a
card or wear a lanyard stating they have exemptions from wearing face coverings
or to identify a disability. Individuals are under absolutely no obligation to
carry information or to show it to anyone. Police Scotland officers will not
ask you to provide any evidence of an exemption or disability. We will support
your right to do this if it makes you feel more confident going about your
daily life and will ensure we consider this if you choose to disclose this information. 

Police Scotland’s policing style response to coronavirus
(COVID-19) continues to be based on a desire to work together and ensure
everyone’s safety with enforcement of legislation a last resort. Our approach
will continue to be:

•      Engage to establish the individual’s circumstances and if they are aware of guidelines
in place. 

•      Explain the risks to public health and to the NHS in line with government guidelines.

•      Encourage voluntary compliance.

•      Enforce only if officers are faced with non-compliance and as a last resort.

In the coming weeks and months, we urge everyone to
continue to work together, ensuring no person or group in Scotland feels
marginalised or isolated. 

Police Scotland does not tolerate the targeting of
individuals or communities, or any form of hate crime. Should anyone experience
or witness such an incident please report it. 

You can contact Police Scotland by:

•      dialling 101, or 999 in an emergency

•      via SMS 999 – you must register for this service before using it

•      using Text Relay using the BT Relay UK app or textphone

•      you can also use our online hate crime reporting form on the Police Scotland

•      Hate Crime can also be reported via one of our third party reporting centres. More
information on third party reporting can be
found on our Police Scotland website

Webinar - Keeping Children and Young People Safe Around Water

The following information is being circulated on behalf of RoSPA

Now that lockdown measures are slowly being released, children and young people are eager to explore, exercise, cool off and generally have fun in and around water.  This could range from water sports in rivers and canals to collecting shells and exploring rock pools around beaches.

RoSPA’s next event, in the series of safety webinars, is aimed at families looking to find more information on keeping safe in and around water. Taking place on August 12 at 10am, the webinar  will feature presentations from the RNLI on beach safety and Jane Campbell Morrison on recreational safety.

Sign up to attend at https://rospa.webex.com/rospa/onstage/g.php?MTID=eb71ae618e8dfde83996a1ef20a7afaa8

Update to Scotland’s Route Map 30/07/2020

This publication provides an update to Scotland’s Route Map, setting out further phase 3 changes, including the full and safe re-opening of schools.

The re-opening of schools will represent a further significant change and will bring with it further increases in social and economic interactions – including increased use of public transport. It is important that we allow the impact of the re-opening of schools to be assessed before we proceed with further significant changes to restrictions. For this reason, we are only planning at this point to give indicative dates to further Phase 3 changes, which we envisage happening at two main stages: Monday, 24th August and Monday, 14th September. These indicative dates will need to be confirmed at the respective review dates: 20th August and 10th September. If progress on keeping the epidemic suppressed is not as positive as we expect, for example as a result of increased importation of the virus, then these dates are liable to be pushed further into the future. The planned dates are set out in the table later in this publication.

For full details of the publication click here

Sea Bass Fishing at Torness

Sea Bass Fishing At Torness, East Lothian

Members of the East Lothian Partnership Against Rural Crime (ELPARC) have issued the attached poster detailing the rules surrounding sea bass fishing. In recent months there have been numerous person/s illegally fishing sea bass at Torness, East Lothian, and ELPARC would like to highlight that between 1st March and 30th November, only 2 fish may be caught and retained by fishermen for recreational purposes.  

NnG cable laying - road closed - Innerwick

Update from Community Councillor Julia Harrison, “The road pictured (road leading to The Brunt then Woodhall Farm) will be closed at weekends only, starting this weekend, for 10-12 weeks. Diversion signs will be in place for vehicles; cyclists and pedestrians will still be able to use the road.

NnG apologised for the short notice with this; the work has been brought forward but was mentioned in the newsletter previously distributed.

Minutes from the Local Liaison Group will be posted on the East Lammermuir Community Council website in the next few days so that you can see the information about upcoming works, and these will also be communicated soon on NnG’s own website.

St Abbs Lifeboat Call-out 23/07/2020

Thursday afternoon shout, boat away……
The lifeboat was launched to a report of overdue kayakers in the Pease Bay vicinity. The kayakers were quickly located safe and okay, north of Fast Castle where they had made their way to shore due to encountering strong winds and tide.They were met ashore by members of the Coastguard. Meanwhile our boat crew recovered their kayaks, and brought the boats back to St Abbs, for collection by the owners a short while later.

Dunbar Voices - Times Like These - Virtual Choir

With thanks to all of our singers for submitting their videos. The choir learned this song during lockdown via weekly online Zoom rehearsals and then did a wonderful job of recording themselves at home so that we could create this video. We hope we can sing this song together as a choir some time soon. 

Times Like These by Foo Fighters
Arranged And Directed by Moira Morrison 

Performed Virtually by Dunbar Voices (Little Voices, Junior Choir & Senior Choir) 

Audio mixed and produced by Moira Morrison 

Video edited by Brian O’Connell and Moira Morrison 

Find us at

Update on Viridor Plastics Recycling Facility Proposal

Jacquie Bell, on behalf of Dunbar Community Council, attended the Viridor Liaison Group on 22nd July.
There was discussion about the proposal for a Plastics recycling facility at Oxwellmains.
It was noted that, following the public consultation, there had been further thinking on the proposal. Amendments will be made to the planning ideas that are put forward by Viridor
As a result there will be a further 12 week public consultation process (PAN) and a further public exhibition(including virtual images) and opportunity for on line questions in due course. Watch out for further information.

Planning Permission granted for demolition and extention to Purely Scottish Bottling Plant

The applications for planning permission to extend an existing building and erect water tanks and the demolition of another building at Purely Scottish Bottling Plant (application numbers 20/00183/P and 20/00261/CAC) have been granted by East Lothian Council. The new extension will provide a training facility to teach staff how to operate the innovative bottling machinery employed by the plant. The alterations will allow the plant to resume full capacity which it has not been able to achieve for some time.