Update to Scotland’s Route Map 30/07/2020

This publication provides an update to Scotland’s Route Map, setting out further phase 3 changes, including the full and safe re-opening of schools.

The re-opening of schools will represent a further significant change and will bring with it further increases in social and economic interactions – including increased use of public transport. It is important that we allow the impact of the re-opening of schools to be assessed before we proceed with further significant changes to restrictions. For this reason, we are only planning at this point to give indicative dates to further Phase 3 changes, which we envisage happening at two main stages: Monday, 24th August and Monday, 14th September. These indicative dates will need to be confirmed at the respective review dates: 20th August and 10th September. If progress on keeping the epidemic suppressed is not as positive as we expect, for example as a result of increased importation of the virus, then these dates are liable to be pushed further into the future. The planned dates are set out in the table later in this publication.

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